Are You Naughty...or Nice?

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As I began writing this post, I immediately remembered one of my favorite quotes that I tease my husband with - "...sometimes, it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission."

My husband, not unlike Santa, doesn't seem to share this sentiment.

So, what's a girl to do?

For starters, she can make some JUMBO altered paper clips that will remind her to stay on the straight and narrow (or at least as close as she possibly can). I can't be held responsible if there is a sale on a supply I can't live without...

This is a quick project that you could do with the kids - and then use them with the popular "shelf elves" that everyone is so mad over.



TIP: Since you won't see the front side of the disks, and very little of the back, I use a black permanent marker as a time saver. It also gives you a bit more control on getting the color on the side edges of the disks.

If you have a thin pair of rubber gloves for crafting, I'd recommend using them for this - otherwise, grab a box from the local pharmacy. It is well worth keeping the ink off your hands.


For my work surface, I like to place a piece of waxed paper, with the waxy side up (grab these cheap at your local Dollar Tree) - use a piece about 18" long. This will give you a work area, as well as a small place for drying your batches.


1. Lay out your waxed paper for your work surface, and select a few disks to start out with. You won't need to cover the front side with paint or ink, as it will be fully covered by our decorative paper. Just coat the edges and back side of your disks, and let them dry fully.

2. While your disks are drying, select your desired circles from the patterned paper. One of the great things about this particular paper is that it has both 1" and 1.5" diameter circles on it - so if you decide you want to do a larger size (as I did in this project), just adjust the sizes of your materials from 1" to 1.5" size.

Carefully line up your punch over your desired circle, making sure to keep all of the detail as closely within the circle as you can (I tend to flip the punch upside down to do this). Gently punch out your circles. If you see you have any white edge showing, carefully touch that up with your permanent marker.

3. Next, we want to attach our patterned circles to the double sided Glamour Stickies (aka glue dots). These are MUCH easier than using glue, and they are so thin that they will not alter the profile of your finished clip. Carefully peel off the top protective layer of the sticker, and attach your paper to it, lining them up as closely as you can. If you can avoid trimming, this is PARAMOUNT - trust me on this!

4. By now, your disks should be fully dry. Gently peel your stickers (that now have your patterned paper on the front) from the protective backing, and attach the sticker to the front side of your disk (the unpainted side).

5. Once you have all of your papers attached to your disks, it's time to add your epoxy Glamour Dots. Alternately, you could use something like Ice Resin, or a UV gel - but this is far less messy, and much more kid-friendly. Try your best to avoid getting your fingerprints on the underside of the dots, as it will show through. Peel from the edge and use a gentle touch to position your epoxy dot over your disk. When you are happy with the placement, gently press it down. Allow it to set before you proceed (15 minutes or so should be fine).


6. Take your jumbo clips, and flip them over on their backside. I use a screwdriver or kitchen knife and gently press the wrap-around attachments flat. This makes your circular platform a bit more sturdy, and keeps it from wobbling when we attach the designed disk. It doesn't take much pressure - but the platforms will be more firm when you are done.

7. Flip your clips back over, with the flat platform facing up. Add a small amount of Liquid Nails to the platform, using the tip in a circular motion to get a thin, even coating on the entire platform. Working quickly, place one of your finished disks on the platform, and gently press it down. Make sure you have it lined up so that your design is facing up! Once you have the disk positioned - set them aside. Walk away - get a cup of coffee, and let them dry fully. Believe it or not, I allow them to dry a couple of HOURS. Your patience will be rewarded!

Once your clips are dry, they are ready to use. They would make great little stocking stuffers, or pair them up and attach them to a journal card to sell them at craft fairs. I made EYEBALLS at Halloween, and they were a huge hit!


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